Discover the Art of Pottery and Ceramics – Beginners Welcome!

At Elly's Arts & Crafts, we specialize in introducing the timeless craft of pottery and ceramics to newcomers. You don’t need any prior experience to start your creative journey with us.

Welcoming Newcomers

We pride ourselves on being a premier destination for beginners, expertly equipped to ensure a comprehensive, enriching, and enjoyable learning journey in the art of pottery and ceramics.

Flexible Class Structure

Our classes are designed to fit your lifestyle. Enjoy learning at your own pace without the pressure of long-term commitments.

Transparent Pricing

Our studio values transparency with straightforward pricing, no hidden fees or required memberships. Enjoy our classes first, then decide if you wish to join our membership program.

Expert Guidance

Our team of skilled instructors brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to each class, ensuring a rich learning experience.

Embark on Your Creative Journey Today!

At Elly's Arts & Crafts, your artistic potential awaits discovery. Our welcoming community and expert guidance create the perfect environment for you to unleash your creativity. Let’s craft something beautiful together!

Discover the Art of Pottery

Unleash your inner artist with a variety of pottery experiences, from introductory classes to private parties, painting combos, extended workshops, and ongoing practice sessions – join our pottery community and discover the magic of clay!

Class Information

Ready-to-Create Pottery Class

Learner's age: 10 to Adults

$10 per person (Duration: 2 hours)

Monday - Sunday

As part of this program, you'll discover a diverse selection of bisque items, typically priced between $10 and $30. These ready-to-paint bisque pieces allow you to dive into your creative journey effortlessly while choosing from a range of affordable options.

Introductory Pottery Class

Learner's age: 10 to Adults

$120 $75 per person (Duration: 2 hours)

Monday - Sunday

Join our expert instructors for a hands-on pottery and hand-building class. Craft a decorative white clay piece to cherish, with the added excitement of taking your creation home after firing.

Combo Pottery & Painting Class

Learner's age: 10 to Adults

$155 $110 per person (Duration: 2 hours)

Monday - Sunday

Dive deeper into the world of ceramics with a class that combines pottery and painting. Learn to shape and design usable dishes, adding a personal touch with your own paint designs.

Extended Pottery Class

Learner's age: 10 to Adults

$310 $200 per person (Duration: 4 hours)

Monday - Sunday

For those seeking a more thorough experience, our extended class offers additional time to perfect your pottery skills. This comprehensive session includes hand-building and painting, allowing for a deeper dive into ceramic art.

Private Pottery Party

Learner's age: 10 to Adults

Price: Available upon request (Duration: 2 hours)

Max. Participants: 6 ~ 10

Enjoy a private pottery session with family and friends, away from outside interruptions. Ideal for groups, this offering is a fun way to create memories and art together. Suitable for ages 10 and above.

Ceramic Practice Sessions

Learner's age: Teenagers to Adults

$85 $50 per person (Duration: 2 hours)

By appointment (Monday - Friday)

Expand your craft with our ceramic practice sessions. Ideal for those wanting to refine their pottery skills, our workshop provides the tools and space to create beautiful pieces using a pottery wheel.

Pottery Membership

Learner's age: Teenagers to Adults

Frequency: Twice a week

Monday - Friday

Our membership program is tailored for those committed to regular pottery practice. Sessions are held in the mornings/evenings, offering a consistent space to hone your craft in NYC.

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